Please read the rules and conditions of Stage virtual Competition

Submit the entry via form for each contestant or group separately

Pay the entry fee for each contestant or group separately in a period of 3 day after submitting entry

Submit video and photography materials not later than 30th of October, 23:59

Enjoy the live event on 7th of November

Expect awards at your address




Dancers, teachers or parents can submit a dance video (in-studio or on stage) directly through our quick registration form.

Your entry will then be scored by 3-5 Judges online

Once all judges have completed your entry, your score will be entered into our overalls. 

When all entries in the event are finalized, it is then time to find out the overall high scores and award winners!

The overall rankings and awards will be posted online for all contestants to view. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall winners in each age category will have their dance featured on our website!





1. mini up to 7 years

2. children 8-11 years

3. juniors 12-15 years

4. seniors 16+ years

solo and groups

1. SOLO - dancer

2. duo/trio 2-3 dancers

3. group 4-9 dancers

4. formation 10-19 dancers

5. PRODUCTION 20+ dancers



  • Participants may enter the competition as solo contestants, as part of an ensemble, or both

  • Stage competition reserves the right to use any photo or video recording of the participants’ performances during the competition for promotional purposes.

  • Registration will be closed 30th OF OCTOBER, 23.59 hour

  • All dancers will compete in the same level and be broken down by age divisions only.

  • We accept all styles of dance - you may select your appropriate genre category during registration.

  • You will receive 3 scores from pre-screened Judges. 

  • We will do our best to provide a judge who specializes in your submitted genre

  • Videos must be uploaded through online link - via WeTransfer, YouTube or Dropbox in mp4 HD resolution 1280x720.

  • You may submit an in-studio video from rehearsal, or an onstage video from competition.

  • Submitted videos that are performed in unsafe environments or on unsafe surfaces will not be allowed.

  • Costume & presentation will be judged or considered in scoring due to in-studio entries.

  • Each judge will score routine out of 100. Final score will be out of 300.
    Judges may elect to give away special awards to certain entries.

  • If Judges select same routine for multiple special awards, you will be awarded with ALL specials from each individual judge.

  • Special award certificates will be delivered via PDF print through email along with social media graphic and in your physical address.

  • Dances must be placed in the appropriate style genre to be judged accurately and fairly.

  • No more than 3 acro tricks per routine. Unlimited acro tricks in Open or Acro division only.
    Dancers will receive score sheets via email as soon as completed by judges. (5 business days).

  • We do a live stream of all entries in each event.

  • Each age division must have 5+ routines for overall high score awards. 

  • Cash prize award totals will be determined once competition registration is closed. 

  • High score overalls will be listed online on our website once event is officially closed.

  • The high score winners' video and/or photo will be listed on our social media and website.
    The overall highest scoring dance genre must have a minimum of 10 entries in the entire event to be awarded.

  • All total number of awards announced for overalls is determined and decided by the team based on the total number of entries in the event.

  • If a dance parent/dancer is submitting any type of entry into our event, you MUST have received previous consent from your studio director/teacher/choreographer to participate (we may request proof). 


  • Entry Fee - 20 €/solo
  • Solos must be entered in age division based on the current age of dancer at time of submission.

  • You may enter multiple solos - only the highest scoring solo per dancer will be eligible for high score overalls.

  • Solo entries must be 1-2 minutes in duration.

  • Videos must be uploaded through online link - via WeTransfer, YouTube or Dropbox in mp4 HD resolution 1280x720.


  • Entry Fee - 30 €/duo or trio (not per dancer) enter Quantity 1
  • Age range for duo/trio must be entered into average age of dancers based on the date of submission. 

  • Duo/trio must be 2-3 minutes in duration.

  • Videos must be uploaded through online link - via WeTransfer, Youtube or Dropbox in mp4 HD resolution 1280x720.

  • Groups must be previously recorded in-studio or on-stage. (competition videos accepted).

  • Dance parents may enter into Duo/Trio event ONLY with parental consent from each participating dancer as well as approval from Studio Owner/Teacher/Choreographer (we may ask for proof of permission).

  • You do not need to enter a Solo to participate in the Duo/Trio Event. 

  • Duo/Trio's will be eligible for special awards and some sponsored awards.


All participants must register and upload their video files after they submit entry directly on the registration form no later then 30th of October

After completing the registration, including the payment section, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address registered to Stage International Virtual Dance Competition.

Teachers, parents or a representative of the competitor can register all entries instead.

The school/studios/companies must submit entry, add all the dancers they are attending with, and then create each entry .

They would then submit and checkout with all of them.

All participants may enter one or multiple entries.

Number of entries will be on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to the amount of performance time available.

Contestants have to upload only videos files that has been filmed between 7th of November 2019 and 30th of October 2020. 

The body of the dancers must be clearly and fully visible throughout the filming all the time.

NO special effects allowed in the footage.

NO shooting up close or side shooting allowed.

Only front footage is accepted.

The video must be one recording shot and not multiple recordings edited together.

All classical division contestants may compete with footage filmed in the studio or stage, with costumes.

Contestants for solo and duet may send the footage filmed in any space indoor or outdoor provided that the footage is clean view and clear sound.

Ensemble division may send footage filmed in the studio or stage, with costumes.

Studio, school, company’s logos are allowed in dancers’ videos.

Please upload all videos in mp4 (MPEG4) format!

Note: The Stage International Virtual Dance Competition is reserving the right to close the registration process if the numbers of competitors for each category/division was reached before 30th of October the deadline for the registration.

Fencing from mistakes, irregularities made during the application by the contestants, no refundable in case of cancelling from a contestants.

Stage competition reserves the right to use any photo or video recording of the participants’ performances during the competition for promotional purposes.

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